Debut: A Crime Writer’s Journey from the Bedroom to the Bookshelf

HAVE you ever wondered how an idea gets from a writer’s brain to the bookshelves of a High Street retailer? We were more than a little curious, so we decided to tell the story of Charles E McGarry, a writer whose debut crime novel – The Ghost of Helen Addison – will be published on July 6 2017.

Book cover

The name on the cover will be Charles E McGarry. The guy in this series – we’re going to get to know him as Charlie. Along the way we’ll find out more about what it takes to get a great story into mainstream publishing, and what that means for everyone involved.

We’ll hear about agents found and lost; how one rejection note, among dozens of rejection notes, can hold the key to success; how your lead character is sometimes not quite the guy you think he is; and much more. The final episode will coincide with the actual publication of Charlie’s novel.


Over the last nine months, Charlie’s story has taken us to the wilds of the West Highlands of Scotland to Catholic cathedrals in Glasgow, and beyond.

I hope you enjoy listening to the series as much as I did making it.


Neil White



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